Nature Walk Castings 

A creative studio specialized in making castings for jewelers.

Hello and welcome to Nature Walk Castings. So glad you're here!

Nature Walk Castings is the culmination of my love for the great outdoors and my passion for metalsmithing. By combining the two, I create unique castings from organic matter; thereby transforming delicate pieces of nature into enduring pieces of precious metal.

My wife and I gather items to be cast on our outdoor adventures. Fortunately, we live in Western Colorado where there is an abundance of diverse foliage to use. Whether we are hiking, mountain biking, camping, or simply walking the dogs, we are always on the lookout for new material to cast. 

Only USA-sourced, recycled casting grain is used to ensure sustainability and consistent quality. We are committed to bringing you a wide selection of affordable castings while minimizing our impact on the environment. 

I utilize my prior background as a Chemist and an Engineer, as well as my college studies in lost wax casting, to make high-quality castings for your jewelry designs.

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from our nature walk to your jeweler's bench
- Teddy & Ashleigh