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A honeycomb available in your choice of sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, or bronze. Multiple honeycombs can be combined to create larger, unique jewelry designs. Includes one honeycomb - multiple honeycombs are shown for display purposes only. 

The honeycomb is designed so that the legs of the Honey Bee can neatly nest within the honeycomb pattern. Proper nesting requires the following size combinations:

  • Honey bee (dimensions: 14X15X7 mm) nests within honeycomb (dimensions: 17x16x4 mm). 
  • Honey bee (dimensions: 20X21X10 mm) nests within honeycomb (dimensions: 24x23x6 mm). 

Does not include honey bee - honey bee is shown for display purposes only. 

The casting is cut directly from the sprue, so some additional filing and cleanup will be necessary before incorporation into your jewelry designs. Your casting will arrive tumbled. Images displaying oxidized castings are shown for reference only. 

This item is made to order and is expected to ship 5-15 business days after placing your order.

This casting is a copyrighted work and cannot be used to produce copies or reproductions.